Here is a reel of my DP work.

A rag & bone spec I shot and edited.  Music by Banks.

This is version 2 of FLY, a video I shot and edited…. I was going for a more extreme take on this one.  Give it a look...  

This is FLY, a video I shot and edited of one of the prettiest spots in LA... Point Dume.  I was lucky enough to record this man demonstrating his fearlessness.  Hope you enjoy it.

DON'T CREEP UP is a 3 minute short film that I produced and shot.  Jhon Doria wrote, directed and edited.  It stars John Lacy, Mark Atteberry and Courtney Cole.  It's not your typical funny clown short... It's a bit more creepy and violent though you should get a laugh.  Check it out!



WHEN PIGS FLY is a twisted short film I produced with Jhon Doria.  We were a two man crew.  I shot the film and did the score and sound design while Jhon acted, wrote, directed and edited the film.  We went for a Grindhouse, Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe... 

What a great experience working with Balthazar and Rosetta Getty on this piece! -- talks style with actor, DJ, music producer Balthazar Getty and fashion designer Rosetta Getty!

FADED was the first short I wrote and directed.   This is the trailer for the film.  It stars Christopher Warren who was amazing!  James Zucal was the DP.  Les Hall did the score and Hudson Smith was the editor.

THE DOPLER EFFECT is a web series that I co-directed, produced and shot. 

The subjects and institutions in The Dopler Effect (The Singularity, Transhumanism, DARPA) are extremely relevant and thriving aspects of our society yet the majority of us have no idea that they exist. But, inevitably, we soon will.  Watch the promo below.  The link will get you to all of the webisodes.




Below is a still from a behind the scenes video I shot and edited from a photo book shoot.  To see the one minute teaser click on the link below and type in the password.  Expect some Massive Attack and nudity...  password: hotel

Cheebo in LR.JPG



A real estate video I shot and edited showcasing a new house that was for sale.